Domestic Pipework Skills Attainment Certificate


Domestic Pipework Skills Attainment Certificate


Domestic Pipework Skills Attainment Certificate


£1400 + VAT


Domestic Pipework Skills Attainment Certificate course offers the ability for both inexperienced operatives and those already ‘on the tools’ to brush up on techniques and skills across soldering, pipe bending and installation design.

It provides a solid base to move into plumbing and gas qualifications such as WRAS, Unvented or ACS Domestic Gas.

Who’s this for?

This comprehensive pipework skills attainment certificate aims to take operatives with little experience of pipework to a highly knowledgeable and practiced pipefitter.

It can also provide those gaps in theory and practical experience for those already carrying out plumbing works everyday, allowing them to attain certificates and put them ahead of a competitor.

There are no formal requirements to undertake the course.


This course covers:

  • Soldering
  • Pipe Bending
  • Clipping and Spacing
  • Pressure testing self-made rigs
  • Pipework locations and system design

Course overview

Both practical training and assessment in the centre will take place over the duration of the course.

Learning Materials

Learners will be provided with all training material required during the course


5 Days


Unit J Buttericks Building
New Lane Havant
Hampshire, PO9 2ND

What’s next?

This course provides a strong basis to move into Courses such as:

Water Regulations

Legionella Prevention

Part L – Energy Efficiency



By attending this Domestic Plumbing package with us here at Southern Energy Training Academy all students will be given not only the knowledge, skills and qualifications of all four courses included you will also receive the following benefits:

  • FREE lunch every day
  • FREE Aftercare hotline services
  • Invites to FREE trade afternoons, to create personal links with suppliers
  • Discount equipment and tools from tried and trusted suppliers

To confirm course availability, please contact the office on 02392 176519

Course Locations

Unit J Buttericks Building
New Lane Havant
Hampshire, PO9 2ND

Contact Us

Phone: 02392 176 519
Unit J Buttericks Building
New Lane, Havant, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO9 2ND gas-safe